Biodegradable in Malaysia
Plastic Products manufactured with an infusion of ECM MasterBatch Pellets will biodegrade in any biologically-active environment (especially in landfills). This revolutionary additive technology when combined, a 1% weight load with Petroleum-based resins will render the finished plastic products biodegradable* whilst maintaining their other desired characteristics.

Whether the plastic product is introduced into the recycle stream, thrown into the garbage and destined for composting or landfill, or by littering, or ends up in the ocean or land, it will biodegrade* naturally.

If the plastics were manufactured with the environment in mind, they will biodegrade leaving behind carbon dioxide, water and humus essential for the soil. And that the emission of Methane gas when captured can be generated into biofuel.

ECM technology is an additive which, when combined in small quantities with any of the popular plastic resins, will renders the end products biodegradable* and compostable.